XMPP Upgrade & SSL Certificates

On April 27, 2013, in Uncategorized, by Edward

The XMPP server was upgraded to Openfire 3.8.1. At the same time, the certificates were replaced with new ones from CACert.org. If you get an error about an untrusted Signing authority, you may need to install the certificates from CACert.org.

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On September 28, 2012, in Domain News, by David

This machine now has proper daily encrypted offsite backups. For this, we’re using tarsnap.

The upside is that if this machine somehow dies horribly or catches on fire, the worst that can happen is that you’ll loose at most 24hrs worth of emails.

The downside is that this costs a small amount of money: about USD$0.30 per GB for each month of storage.

Currently, because there isn’t much space used on our server, and tarsnap is pretty clever about how it compresses and stores data on the remote servers, I’m happy to carry the cost.

If you want to store lots of stuff on the server, and don’t want it backed up, or want to use a bunch of space on the disk for staging of data, send me an email, and I’ll add it to the exclude list so it won’t get backed up.


Zinc Decomisioned

On May 18, 2011, in Domain News, by Edward

After three years of service, zinc was decommissioned. We are now back to one server.

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Mail Moved

On September 19, 2010, in Domain News, by Edward

All email services were moved tonight from zinc to tin. IMAP and SMTP settings should be changed from zinc.murrell.co.nz to tin.murrell.co.nz. Otherwise, nothing should need changing, though New Zealand users should get much faster service. There was an outage of a few hours.

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Network Failure

On August 24, 2010, in Domain News, by Edward

Tin was unavailable for a few hours due to an upstream provider fault.

Webmail and XMPP was temporarily unavailable for a few hours, no data was lost.

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Webmail Moved

On June 26, 2010, in Domain News, by Edward

Webmail has been moved to tin.

The new addresses are;

Please update your bookmarks.

Address books and preferences have been moved also.

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New Server Online

On June 17, 2010, in Domain News, by Edward

We have a new server! ‘tin’ is now online, and has 500 GB of RAID1 storage. Services are being transitioned from zinc. Be nice.

Currently, LDAP, Kerberos, and XMPP (aka. Jabber / GChat) have been moved.

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